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Tenant Rental Process

Cheyenne Nicole Management provides each property owner with a complete, elaborate tenant rental process. 

Residence Tour

Prospective tenant(s) will meet with the Homeowner or CNM's realtor at a set time and date. Our realtor will allow you to tour the residence and exterior surroundings. 



Our realtor will provide a leasing application to all individuals who meet the financial criteria of the residence and are over the age of 18 . Each person will need to complete the application in it's entirety. As well as, provide permission to run screening. 



CNM will review all applications in depth. In addition to a leasing application,  a full background check, criminal check, credit report, and one month's pay stubs per person are required. Our realtor will call the prospective tenant's work place and current landlord or property manager for verification of good standing. 


Application Status

After a thorough examination of all applications and supporting documentation, CNM will approve or deny the tenant(s). 



Our realtor and tenant(s) will have a personalized leasing agreement discussion, as well as an in-person walk-thru of the residence. Before keys are delivered, tenant(s) will be required to submit deposit(s) and 1 month's rent via electronic delivery.  Leasing documents will be executed via DocuSign to ensure the entire package is viewed and received by all parties.  

Let's Work Together

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