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All About Us

After almost 13 years experience, Cheyenne Nicole Management (CNM) was created to allow residential property homeowners the ability to hire a management team which is reliable, friendly and cultivates a professional relationship with your tenants. CNM creates an environment where homeowners can reduce their overall costs and improve their income stream.  We are available to fulfill homeowner's real estate needs, whether you have on rental home or a large portfolio of investment properties. 

Your tenants may be saving for their first home, venturing to a new city, or simply prefer renting due to extenuating circumstances. CNM's personalized services to each residential property homeowner will not only provide peace of mind, but also a sense of security and welcome for your tenants. 

We currently manage homes in the following locations:

Hermosa Beach, California

Inlet Beach, Florida

Jupiter, Florida

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Austin, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Houston, Texas

Jamaica Beach, Texas

Kyle, Texas

Sugar Land, Texas


Contact us to see how we can help you today.

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