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Residential Property Management

Cheyenne Nicole Management has created a thorough, transparent onboarding process that will allow owners to fully understand our residential property management services.


Our services include: 

  • Tenant Screening

    • Thorough rental and criminal background checks​

    • Individual credit report verification

    • W2 and salary requirements

    • Rental insurance coverage

  • Tenant Placement

    • Property marketing and listing on the following accredited sites:

      • MLS​





    • Works with our CNM realtor or Homeowner's preferred realtor

      • Communications for scheduling

  • Repairs and Maintenance 

    • Coordination with homeowner, tenant and contractors​

      • CNM has a list of reliable and insured vendors​

    • All repairs and maintenance requests are inspected and approved before payment

    • Homeowners have the option to approve all, some or none of the work performed on their home

    • Requires Homeowners to carry home insurance

    • Highly suggests Homeowners to carry flood insurance

  • Accounting and Taxes

    • Homeowners will receive a transparent monthly statement​

    • Homeowners will receive a copy of all invoices from repairs and maintenance 

      • All vendors will be required to provide a copy of their business insurance and a completed W9​

    • End of year tax statements will be provided

Contact us to see how we can help you today.

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